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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gift of Peace!

A beautiful white dove, it symbolizes peace. Peace is everyone would want in their life, like me. Now in my young mind I know that our country Philippines never had its peace because rebellion. It made me think and ask myself what should I do? I come up thinking that I should act now.

Garbage: Are Dangerous To our Mother Nature!

  Let's Make our Country Garbage Free!
We all know that now a days Garbage are one of the problem in our country that causes pollution. In my own little way I can do at home, or school to trash my waste is to segregate carefully the non- biodegradable from biodegradable. By separating the papers, plastics and the waste that would decomposed and to pick up pieces of garbage that are scattered in our environment. And also I wold recycle the garbage and make it a useful one,in that way from that garbage that you recycle your not only helping mother nature to be preserve but on the other hand you earn money.

A Healthy Life!

In my young age right now, I think the things that I would do to keep myself, others, or even our planet are to do what is right, to preserve our nature and the endangered species, to plant more trees so that there no floods and there's no life to be waste. And in my own little way I can keep us away from any harm or disease by means of maintaining our planet earth and mother earth always clean.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Goals!

In this year, my goals that I would like to reach or attain is to finish my studies its because it is my greatest goal in my life. I want to become a professional someday and find good job for a better tomorrow for myself and for my family.

The People Who Influenced My life!

The people that influenced my life since I was born in this world until in what I am right now are my parents, sister, brother and family who are always there for me in all the decisions that I made, they are there to care, to love, support, guides me in the right path and they never fades to share everything they had. Then my friends, who are there when I had problems, sharing with me in times of happiness and loneliness.
Lastly are my teachers, who are there for us, never tired of giving and sharing to us there knowledge and moral supports. They acts as our second parents when we are in school and never fade to give there motivations, and concerns and they treat us as their own child.