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Friday, January 15, 2010

BFF! Best Friends Forever...


Our "barkada" has been through a lot of bouts and misunderstanding. Still, at the end of the day, the solid foundation overcomes all negative feelings. I learned that even small things should be addressed. You'd be surprised at the holes these small, kept stuff put in your friendship until the damage is beyond repair.

I've learned never hesitate telling friends what they need to know even for fear of hurting them or our relationship reaching the finish line. If you truly believe in what you have, there's nothing to worry about. Friends are angels (with a devilish grin) sent here annoy us, to give us assurance when we are in doubt, shout us when we covers our ears against harsh truth, tell us what we need to hear, laugh us when we fall down, yet help us stand up and support us when no else would there for us.
This article is from CodeRed written by Cheryl "I.P." Salvador. When I read this I say to myself that it is true, friend are always there when you are in your ups and downs and always ready to help, give advises and listened to your problems. Like our group the "OLAYS".

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