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Friday, January 22, 2010

There Always a Right Time!

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"Beyond the challenges and trials in our lives there is always a time to feel the happiness".
Right at this juncture, many people still doing things beyond their limitation that may result in hurting others feelings. Do you know why it still happen? Because many people still longing for something that will make their life much easier and they don't know that there's a right time to think, what would be happen. In fact their are people who are eager to full something, without any strength enough to get what they want.
Furthermore they were still limitation beyond the things they wanted. People born in a right time, they are the one who make their own journey on how to live their life to the fullness. We as a student, we can't deny that sometimes we also suffered in a difficult decisions because of our feelings. It' between relationship and studies. We as a teenager, we can't avoid making relationship or having commitment with our opposite sex and we are much away to call it boyfriend or girlfriend.
What would we choose, "Study or Relationship?". Well! well! well! I can't find mistakes in having commitment with others, but it's better to be fair between study and relationship. We should give much effort in our study because will arrive at the right place, at the right age and at a RIGHT TIME!

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