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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Coolest Guy Ever!

One time of my life I meet the coolest guy. He is very very cool. He knows how to drive and how to deal with problems. He is a joke one, he struggle hard just to gain money for his wife and children. Even if he is strict sometimes I know he love us. He love to listened music, like me. He is very kind, caring, loving and helpful man.
But life has its end.... Last December 02, 2009, the coolest guy I've meet had left us in this world. He died cause of cardiac arrest. we all cried and his death was like a bomb that explode shockingly. Me and my family accept the reality that one of our beloved had passed away, even though it's very hard for us.
I've missed the times that he would ask me for a cup of coffee. I really missed it, but now I know inside my heart that the time God had gave to him was finally over. So I bravely face the reality together with my family that he had left us.
The coolest guy ever was not other than..... My Beloved UNCLE.

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