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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Promise

Composed by: Guada JEan Bating
Sing by: OLays

My heart knows how much I love you
My heart knows how much I need you
My heart knows everything what I feel for you
Coz I know someday will be apart!

I promise to love you
I promise to be with you
And I will lack this heart of mine
Coz I want to save this for you

I know that sometimes I ignore you
but now I realize how much I need you
It's been my regret to let you go
So now I'm coming back to you
(back chorus)

Even if I see handsome man
I may like them but I will still remain
Even if you think, I just fling you
But you will find I'm faithful unto you
When your gone I'll be missing you
It's all because....
(back Stanza I and then chorus)

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