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Monday, January 18, 2010

Self-Respect is a Many-Splendored Things....

"Virginity is not a holistic reflection of one's self-respect or integrety.... All respondents agreed that self-respect is multi-faceted and is earned from experiences that may or may not necessarily stem from losing or keeping one's virginity.

Modern Saint *23, a bank manager, understands self-respect as being able to handle the consequences of one's actions including pre-marital sex. She shares, "Losing my virginity was very difficult learning experience, but it definitely led me to earning greater self-respect because I realized a lot of things about myself and also sexual responsibility".

Personally, I believed that the issue is not merely about keeping oneself a virgin or losing one's integrity for failing to do so. It is a person's motivations for choosing to be celibate or sexually active which ultimately determines one's level of self-respect and integrity. At the end of the day, the question that we need to ask ourselves is whether the choices we make are truly worth offering to God.

(source: written by: MICHELLE PESTAƱO of COdeREd)

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